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Lian Li is finally launching the airflow-focused Lancool 216. The new case has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd, including two 160mm fans on the front and a bracket to install a 120mm fan to the rear of the case in the expansion slot area. Soft Enamel Badge

Lian Li’s new Lancool 216 is an airflow focused case with custom 160mm fans | KitGuru

The Lancool 216 delivers what you would expect from an upgraded Lancool 215, with a sleeker design and more mesh panels (front-to-top and on the PSU shroud right side), as well as some new features. Besides the two custom-made 160mm front fans, there's also a 140mm PWM fan on the back. In addition, you can change the internal layout between air cooling mode for more fans and water cooling mode to add a 360mm radiator in the roof.

In addition to the 140mm and 160mm fans, you can add a 120mm fan on the rear of the case, specifically in the expansion slot area. This bracket can be mounted whether the GPU is horizontally or vertically mounted.

To make the system mounting process easier, there's a removable top bracket for the radiator in the main chamber. On the second chamber (right side of the case), you can use the five velcro straps and various clip tie points to route cables. Moreover, the PSU shroud can be moved to install a front radiator. Lastly, the front I/O panel can be transferred to the lower left side of the front panel, which might come in handy depending on where you place your system.

Available in black or white with RGB or black without RGB, the Lancool 216 is now available to pre-order in the US starting at $99.90. In the UK, pre-orders will go up on November 21st, but the pricing wasn't disclosed. You can also mount a two-channel ARGB controller and USB module on the lower side of the front panel on either of the two RGB variants. This accessory is sold separately in black and white and will cost $13.99.

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KitGuru says: Do you think the Lancool 216 will be a worthy successor to the Lancool 215?

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Lian Li’s new Lancool 216 is an airflow focused case with custom 160mm fans | KitGuru

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