Terraria "Labor of Love" update out now on Switch, patch notes

A huge Terraria update known as “Labor of Love” – or version 1.4.4 – has just gone live on Switch.

A massive amount of content, changes, and additions are here. That’s along with adjustments across the entire game plus plenty of bug fixes. Fish Feed Making Machine

Terraria "Labor of Love" update out now on Switch, patch notes

For the full Terraria “Labor of Love” update patch notes, continue on below. 

New Special Seeds and Updates to Special Seeds

Don’t Starve Seed Updates

UI and Menu QoL Changes

Content Changes and Feature Expansions

Combat, Enemy, and Weapon Issues

UI, Input, Text and Tooltip Issues

Multiplayer Syncing and Functionality Issues

Static Immunity Frames Last Hit

Daytime Empress of Light, Skeletron, Skeletron Prime, and Dungeon Guardian (Buff)

Projectile Reflecting Enemies (Large Mimics, Selenians) (Nerf)

Teleporting Enemies (Teleporting Casters, Chaos Elementals, and Nebula Floaters) (Nerf)

Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon (Rework)

Tomb Crawlers and Dune Splicers (Nerf)

Cursed Hammer and Crimson Axe (Buff)

Necromancers and Ragged Casters (Nerf)

Vortex Portals (Both Hornet Portals and Vortexian Portals)

Melee Weapons All “Broadswords” (Buff)

Fiery Greatsword -> Volcano (Rework)

True Night’s Edge (Rework)

Brand of the Inferno (Buff)

Scourge of the Corruptor (Buff)

Ichor/Cursed Darts (Nerf – Reverting 1.4 Buff)

Cluster Rockets (all variants) (Buff)

Zapinators (Grey and Orange) (Buff?)

Tome of Infinite Wisdom (Buff)

Snapthorn, Durendal, and Dark Harvest

Snow Armor (Blue and Pink) (Buff)

Accessories, Mounts, Tools, and Tiles

Frog Legs and all Tinkers (Rework) – Players can now stack any Frog Leg-derived tinker to gain additive benefits – Jump Speed Bonus reduced from 48% to 32% – Fall damage protection reduced roughly proportionally to the Jump Speed bonus

Squire’s Shield and Apprentice’s Scarf (Tier Change) – Dark Mages in Tier 1 and Tier 3 Old One’s Army now drop Squire’s Shield and Apprentices Scarf, allowing access to +Sentry accessories pre-Hardmode. The drop rate is 50% to drop one of them in Classic, and 100% in Expert/Master. These two items have been removed from the Ogre’s drop pool.

Hive Pack (Buff) – Now increases the firing rate of Hornet Summons by about 30% – Increases the damage of Wasp Gun by from 31 to 36, and increases the defense penetration of wasps from 10 to 15

Magiluminescence (Nerf) – All Mobility enhancing stat bonuses reduced by 25%.

Spore Sac (Buff) – Movement speed of the spores has been dramatically increased – Range at which spores will begin chasing targets increased by 20%

Lucky Horseshoe and Fledgling Wings (Tier Change) – Reverted the change that put Lucky Horseshoe in Gold Chests, and put them back into Sky Chests on worldgen – Fledgling Wing has been removed as primary drop from Sky Chests, and has a 1/40 chance of being secondary loot – Sky Crates have been updated to account for the above changes.

Leaf Wings (Tier Change) – Now sold by Witch Doctor after Plantera has been defeated, but otherwise under the same conditions. – Wing Power has been increased to be the same as uncommon pre-Plantera Wings (Flame, Butterfly, Bee and Bat) – Cost has been increased to 1.5 Platinum

Magic Quiver, Molten Quiver, and Stalker’s Quiver (Nerf) – Damage bonus is now additive with other ranged damage bonuses, instead of multiplicative. This will generally result in slightly lower overall damage, especially when you have high quantities of Ranged damage bonus. – Projectile speed bonus now also increases speed gained from ammo. Previously, it only increased the bow’s projectile speed value.

Philosopher’s Stone and Charm of Myths (Rework) – Potion Sickness reduction is no longer “front-loaded” at the time of using the potion. Instead, the cooldown is dynamically updated whenever the accessory is equipped. Equipping it will reduce the remaining cooldown proportionally, and removing it will increase the remaining cooldown proportionally. As long as you are wearing it, your effective remaining cooldown is reduced. This means that it you wear it for half of a minute and then remove it, you will only reduce 7.5 seconds from the total cooldown instead of 15. It also means that if you forget to equip it when using a potion, you can still equip it after to reduce the remaining cooldown.

Volatile Gel (Buff) – Projectiles now fire farther and with a flatter arc – Fire rate increased from every 50 frames to every 40 frames (1.2 per second -> 1.5 per second)

Soaring Insignia (Nerf) – All Mobility enhancing stat bonuses reduced by 25%. The infinite flight has not been changed.

Magma Skull and Molten Skull Rose (Rework) – The recipe for both of these items now takes a Lava Charm instead of a Magma Stone – Both of these accessories now give temporary Lava Immunity, instead of adding Hellfire to attacks

Hellfire Treads (Rework) – Is no longer crafted by combining Flame Waker and Lava Waders. Instead, is crafted from Flame Waker and Spectre Boots – Loses its Lava Wading benefits, but now has Hermes Running and Rocket Booting – Generates fire sparks on running and uses the classic flame Rocket Boot trail

Lava Waders – Can now be crafted with a Molten Skull Rose and Water Walking Boots/Obsidian Water Walking Boots

Fairy Bell (Buff) – Fairy Light Pet movement speed increased from 3.5 to 6

Turtle Mount (Buff) – Speed increased by 150% – Swim Speed increased by 66% – Jump Height increased by 20% – Now gives water breathing when underwater

Gelatinous Pillion (Nerf) – Horizontal flight speed reduced by roughly 30% – Walking speed reduced by roughly 10%

All Minecarts (Buff) – Minecarts now hit harder in higher difficulties, deal more knockback, and are generally better at hitting enemies without letting the player be hurt when colliding with enemies

Mech Cart (Rework) – Now has the same speed and stats as other minecarts, and does not generate lasers (This will be addressed by a new item, the Minecart Upgrade Kit)

Drill Mount (Buff) – Can now break walls right right click – Dig speed is roughly 3x faster

Spectre Pickaxe (Buff) – Mining speed reduced from 10 to 8 (faster mining)

Drills (Buff) – All drills that already had no knockback now have a token amount of knockback to obtain better modifiers

The Grand Design (Buff) – Now takes the Mechanical Ruler in its recipe instead of the Ruler. This also means that having the Grand Design in the inventory enables the Laser Grid UI option.

Magic Conch and Demon Conch (Buff) – Their animation sequence is now as fast as Magic Mirror, instead of being slower

Bottomless Waterbucket/Super Absorbant Sponge (Buff) – Can now be obtained in pre-Hardmode from Angler Quests, as soon as you have completed 10 Quests. – Bottomless Water Bucket specifically is a guaranteed drop at 25 Quests

Enchanted Sundial (Buff) – Now glows when it is charged – Will instantly become charged if a natural Blood Moon or Eclipse begins – Can now be triggered via wire

Pylons (Buff) – Increased the maximum range where Pylons are usable from (it should be impossible to be in range of opening a Pylon and not be able to teleport with it) – You can now use Pylons during Moon Lord’s summoning sequence

Snowball Launcher (Buff) – No longer requires ammo – Firing cooldown reduced from 10 to 7 frames – Better projectile range and arc

Star in a Bottle (Buff) – Star in a Bottle’s mana regeneration bonus increased from 1 mana per second to 5 mana per second. Additionally, it now also reduces the cooldown before mana begins regenerating after using magic weapons slightly.

Class Buff Stations (Buff) – Sharpening Station, Crystal Ball, Ammo Box, and Bewitching Table now last until death/being canceled or quitting out, rather than having a time limit

Ammo Box – Is now sold by the Arms Dealer in Hardmode. Is no longer sold by the Traveling Merchant. – Cost reduced from 15 Gold to 10 Gold to match other buff stations

War Table (Buff) – Is now a buff station that grants a +1 Summon Sentry cap buff

Buffs, Debuffs, Food, and Potions

Poison (Buff) – The version of Poison inflicted on enemies now does 6 DPS instead of 2. This does not impact the Player version of Poison.

On Fire! and Frostburn (Buff) The majority of Hardmode obtained items which inflict On Fire! or Frostburn have been changed to inflict Hellfire and Frostbite respectively. These changes are listed in their respective weapons if they have a changelog entry, but included here also for visibility. This applies to: – Flamethrower – Elf Melter – Hel-Fire – Inferno Fork (Both Bolt and Blast) – Phantom Phoenix (only applies to the Phoenix Shot, as the converted arrows are the Flaming Arrow projectile type) – Flameburst Cane and Flameburst Staff – Butcher’s Chainsaw Sparks – Brand of the Inferno – Amarok – Flower of Frost – Firecracker – Cool Whip (Glossary Note: Hellfire and Frostbite are upgraded versions of On Fire and Frostburn. They behave entirely identically, except they deal more damage. They can also be stacked with their weaker versions, though this rarely adds up to much extra damage.

Crate Potions (Buff) – Duration increased from 3 minutes to 4 minutes – Potency of Crate fishing chance increased by 50% (This is an overall increase of 25% more crates when fishing with a Crate Potion active)

Warmth Potion (Buff) – Now include contact damage protection against Ice Bat, Ice Tortoise, Ice Mimic, and Yeti

Calming Potion (Buff) – Potency of spawn reduction effect increased by 33% – Duration increased from 8 to 12 minutes

Inferno Potion (Buff) – Damage increased from 10 to 20 – Now inflicts Hellfire instead of On Fire

Luck Potions (Buff) – Duration and potency thresholds of all Luck Potions increased from 3/5/10 to 5/10/15.

Spelunker Potions (Buff) – Statues and Paintings now glow when this potion is active

Bottled Honey (Buff) – In addition to healing, now also grants 15 seconds of the Honey buff

Strange Brew (Rework) – Now heals randomly between 70 and 120 health – Potion Sickness is now variable, between 40 and 70 seconds – May randomly give a period of damage invulnerability, with longer durations being possible rarely – No longer heals mana at all

Froggle Bunwich (Nerf) – Duration reduced from 8 to 6 minutes (Tier 2)

Seafood Dinner (Nerf) – Reduced from Tier 3 with a 4 minute duration to Tier 2 with a 14 minute duration

Grub Soup (Buff) – Duration increased from 10 to 14 minutes (Tier 2)

Potato Chips (Buff) – Duration increased from 18 to 25 minutes (Tier 1)

Carton of Milk (Buff) – Duration increased from 15 to 20 minutes (Tier 1)

Hot Dog (Buff) – Changed from Tier 2 with a 20 minute duration to Tier 3 with a 12 minute duration

Drop Rates, Obtainment Sources, and Other Probabilities

Traveling Merchant Shop – Now has an extra guaranteed item slot in his inventory in Hardmode. This slot can only contain items from the 4 less common item pools, with the most common items being excluded. – Traveling Merchant now has an extra guaranteed item slot in his inventory at all times. This slot will ALWAYS contain a painting. Paintings have been removed from all of his other inventory slots, which will slightly increase the odds of obtaining the rest of his wares. – Celestial Magnet and Ammo Box are no longer sold by Traveling Merchant. – Pad Thai has been increased from Tier 1 to Tier 2, making it less common – Pho has been increased from Tier 1 to Tier 3, making it less common – Christmas paintings will now be sold any time after Frost Legion has been defeated, rather than only when Christmas season is active – Both Zapinators have been reduced from Tier 5 to Tier 3, making them more common

Celestial Magnet (Retier) – Is now found in the primary random loot pool of Sky Chests and Sky Crates

Waldo Painting and other “Rare” Underground Cabin Paintings (Buff) – Increased frequency of Waldo spawning in worldgen dramatically, though it is still the rarest painting of its size group – All other “extra rare” Underground Cabin Paintings (American Explosive, Rare Enchantment, etc) are now of equal rarity within their size group

Wooden Chest Primary Loot (Buff) – Throwing Daggers/Glowsticks no longer act as primary loot, changing the primary loot pool size from 12 to 10. These items are now secondary loot. – Skeleton Merchant can now sell most of the remaining Wooden Chest primary loot on a rotating Moon Cycle schedule. Every day of the Lunar Cycle, he will have a new item.

Living Tree Chests (Buff) – Odds of containing a minecart increased from 1/10 to 1/6. If it does contain one, it is still a 50/50 chance to be a Sunflower or Ladybug Minecart.

Mushroom Biome Chests (Buff) – Mushroom Chests are now guaranteed to have one of their exclusive drops, with the Shroom Minecart and Mushroom Vanity each having a 50% chance.

Treasure Magnet (Buff) – Instead of being primary loot, is now a 1/5 chance secondary loot in Shadow Chests and Obsidian Lock Boxes

Demonic Hellcart (Buff) – Can now be found in Lava Crates as uncommon bonus loot

Shark Bait (Buff) – Instead of being primary loot, is now a 1/10 chance secondary loot in Water Chests and Ocean Crates

Tree Fruit (Buff) – Chance for tree fruit when hitting a tree from increased from 1/15 to 1/12

Diving Helmet (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/50 to 1/20

Pocket Mirror (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/100 to 1/40. Expert drop rates (which doubled the odds of getting Pocket Mirror) are increased from 1/50 to 1/20

Medusa Head (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/50 to 1/25

Turtle Shells (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/17 to 1/12

Brain Scrambler (Scutlix Mount) (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/100 to 1/30

Deadly Sphere Staff (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/40 to 1/30

Fire Feather (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/75 to 1/50

Bone Feather (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/450 to 1/300

Giant Harpy Feather (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/200 to 1/150

Tattered Bee Wing (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/150 to 1/100

Obsidian Rose (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/50 to 1/20

Frozen Turtle Shell (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/100 to 1/50

Ice Sickle (Buff) – Drop rate increased from 1/180 to 1/100

Monster Meat (Nerf) – Drop rate reduced from 1/1000 to 1/1500. In Don’t Starve seeds, changed from 1/200 to 1/500.

Flinx Fur (Buff) – Changed the drop rate of Flinx Fur, from 50% chance to drop 1-3, to 100% chance to drop 1-2 (a 50% overall increase). The Expert drop rate has changed from 90% to 100% to drop 1-3.

Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu (Nerf) – Brain of Cthulhu’s overall drop rate of Crimtane Ore and Tissue Samples in Expert/Master has been reduced significantly, as it was dropping almost twice as much as it should have been. It now drops roughly as much as Eater of Worlds drops. – Restructured how Ore/Tissue Sample/Shadow Scale drops are handled in Expert and Master. Overall, the quantity of drops from Creepers/Segment kills has been reduced, while the amount of drops from Treasure Bags has been increased. – In Expert mode, the total quantity of drops is split roughly evenly, with 50% of the Ore/Samples/Scales coming from the partial kills and 50% coming from Treasure Bags – In Master mode, the total quantity of drops is weighted heavily toward the Treasure Bag, with only 25% of the rewards coming from partial kills, and 75% coming from the Treasure Bags – Normal mode drop rates and weighting has been left entirely untouched by all of these changes.

Very Rare Pirate Drops (Coin Gun, Discount Card, Gold Ring, Lucky Coin, Pirate Staff) (Buff) – All of these have had their drop rates doubled outright. Their increased drop rate from Pirate Captains has also been doubled. – Flying Dutchman now have a substantially increased chance of dropping these items, with a 1/15 chance to drop any of them except Coin Gun, which has a 1/50 chance

Golden Furniture (Buff) – Flying Dutchman is now guaranteed to drop 1 piece of Golden Furniture – The stack size of dropped Golden Platforms has been increased as well

Reindeer Bells (Buff) – Drop rate from Ice Queens has been doubled

Lava Crates (Nerf) – Lava Crates are now slightly less common (1/5 chance reduced to 1/6 chance). However, with the buff to Crate Potions, they will be roughly the same as before when using a Crate Potion.

Biome Crates – When fishing in an area where Biome Crates can be caught, the game will now prioritize getting a Biome Crate instead of a Gold Crate, when in the (relatively rare) circumstance that you were eligible for both. Actual odds of getting either are unchanged by this.

Wooden Crates (Buff) – Drop rate for Wooden Chest primary loot increased from 1/45 to 1/20 – Umbrella replaced with Step Stool in the Wooden Chest loot pool

Fishing Crate Ore (Nerf) – The drop rate of ore and ore bars from fishing crates has been reduced. – Wooden Crates have roughly 40% less ore – Iron and Biome Crates have roughly 30% less ore – Gold Crates have roughly 20% less ore

Gold/Titanium Crates (Buff) – Drop rate of Life Crystals increased from 1/15 to 1/8 – Drop rate of Enchanted Swords from Gold Crates increased from 1 in 50 to 30. In Titanium Crates, this drop rate has been further increased to 1 in 15.

Oasis/Mirage Crates (Buff) – Now have a very rare chance to drop a Sandstorm in a Bottle as bonus loot

Pharoah Vanity Set (Nerf) – Pharaoh set is now less common from Pyramid Chests, increasing relative frequency of the other drops

Gold Worms (Buff) – When used for fishing, has a particularly low chance of being consumed (only 1/20 chance)

Old One’s Army Ogre Weapons (Buff) – Increased the odds that the Tier 2 Ogre will drop a weapon from 33% to 50%. In Expert/Master mode, this has been increased from 50% to 100% – Tier 3 Ogres also have a higher chance of dropping a weapon, up from 1/6 to 1/4 chance.

Dev Armors from Treasure Bags (Buff) – Chance of getting a dev armor increased from 1/20 to 1/16

Frost Daggerfish (Buff) – Maximum amount of Frost Daggerfish you can get per pull increased

Seahorses (Buff) – Can now spawn in a wider variety of Ocean shapes and conditions, which will result in more consistent spawning

Gem Bunnies and Squirrels – Gem Critter spawns now have a rarity system based on their gem

Water Striders (Buff) – Spawn rate increased – Increased the maximum level of windiness that will allow Water Striders to spawn from 10 MPH to 20 MPH

Butterfly Days (Buff) – Increased the odds of having a Butterfly day

Treasure Fairies (Nerf) – Spawn rate reduced by 2/3rds in Hardmode

Truffle Worm and Prismatic Lacewing (Buff) – Spawn rates are now impacted by Luck

Jungle Critters (Nerf) – Overall spawnrate of Jungle critters in Jungle towns reduced

Bloody Tears (Buff) – Brides and Grooms that spawn in Graveyards can now drop Bloody Tears even if it isn’t a Blood Moon

Teleporters (Buff) – Now sold by the Mechanic pre-Hardmode, instead of being sold by the Steampunker

Digging Mole Cart (Buff) – Will now be sold by the Zoologist at 35% Bestiary completion instead of 60%

Bast Statue (Buff) – Can now generate as furniture in Underground Desert Cabins (in addition to being found in chests)

– Crafting cost of Celestial Sigil reduced from 20 of each fragment to 12 – You can now craft Sandstorm and Blizzard in a Bottle using a Cloud in a Bottle + Frost Core/Forbidden Fragment at a Crystal Ball – Molotov Cocktail now takes regular Gel instead of Pink Gel – You can now use Vertebrae instead of Worm Teeth to craft Unholy Arrows – Thorns Potions no longer require Worm Teeth or Stingers to craft – Angel & Demon Wing Souls of Light/Night cost reduced from 25 to 15 – Empty Bucket Iron/Lead Bar cost reduced from 3 to 2 – Changed the recipes of all ore-based bricks to have a 1:5 crafting ratio (1 ore + 5 blocks = 5 bricks). Previously, they had a 1:1 ratio. – Shroomite Plating’s recipe changed from a 1:15 to a 1:25 crafting ratio, costing 1 Shroomite Bar for every 25 Shroomite Plating – Pearlstone Brick’s recipe changed to be consistent with Ebonstone Brick, using 2 Pearlstone Blocks instead of 1 Pearlstone Block and 1 Pearlsand – Coral Torch’s recipe now takes 3 Torches and gives 3 Coral Torches per Coral, instead of 1 Torch – Chain’s recipe now gives 15 Chain instead of 10 – Any 2 of Salamander/Shelly/Crawdad Trio’s banners can be used to craft the banner of the missing member of the trio – Wormhole Potion recipe now takes 3 Bottled Waters, and gives 3 Wormhole Potions – The Tavernkeep now gives 10 Medals when initially spoken to, allowing players to purchase 2 Tier 1 staves instead of 1 – Tier 2 OOA Armor piece cost reduced from 25 to 15 Medals – Tier 3 OOA Armor piece cost reduced from 75 to 50 Medals – Tier 2 OOA Sentries cost reduced from 25 to 15 Medals – Tier 3 OOA Sentries cost reduced from 100 to 60 Medals – Defenders Forge cost reduced from 75 to 50 Medals – Purchase cost of Pad Thai and Pho increased – Sailor Vanity, Eyepatch, Mummy Vanity, Pharaoh Vanity, Grinch Whistle, Mana Crystals, Ancient Manipulator, and Shell Piles all now have a sell value – Reducing the sell value (and subsequently, the reforge cost) of a number of 1.4 tinkers and accessories which had higher than typical sell values – Cost of Wallpapers reduced from 1 Silver to 75 Copper – Cost of Clentaminator Solutions have been reduced from 25 Silver to 15 Silver – Tax Collector can now hold up to a base 25 Gold instead of 10 (this can further be boosted by happiness) – Sell value of Frogs reduced from 15 to 10 Silver. Their food recipe sell values have also been reduced proportionally. – Angler Quests now give 2x as much money in Hardmode – Research cost of Red Potion reduced from 10 to 3

– Summoning Moon Lord with Celestial Sigil will only have a 12 second summoning time instead of 60 second – Old One’s Army Banners now apply Banner buff to their respective enemies, though it is much weaker than the normal Banner buff – Banners from particularly rare enemies may now drop at 10 or 25 kills instead of 50. This same value will apply to how many kills it takes to complete their Bestiary page. – Wire in the Temple cannot be cut by the player until Golem is defeated – The player cannot see wires within the Temple until Golem is defeated – NPCs who die will now respawn freely, ignoring the original unique conditions which were required to spawn in the first place. For example, Party Girl will have “normal” respawn odds instead of her rare spawn chance, and NPCs with a required item like Arms Dealer and Demolitionist will no longer require a player to be holding that item to respawn. – Life Crystals are now lower priority on the Metal Detector than Hardmode Ores – Chlorophyte Ore infection protection is now slightly stronger. It can also purify a wider selection of infected tiles, such as Sand and Sandstone. – Strange Plants now give 6x dye when turned in instead of 3x – Slightly reduced the quantity of cracked bricks in the Dungeon – Merchant and Skeletron Merchant now both sell “regular” Potions in Hardmode, in addition to their Lesser Potions. – All Minecart Track items are now immune to lava destruction – Chain tiles are now immune to lava destruction – Stacks of Cloud blocks can now be found in Skyware Chests and Sky Crates – When fishing in a Hallowed Oasis, you can now obtain both Hallowed or Oasis fish. This same rule does not apply to the more invasive Corruption/Crimson. – Fairy Glowstick now has stronger light, closer to regular glowsticks – Snake Coil grows substantially faster than before, and maximum height increased from 80 to 100 blocks – Placing Sunflowers is now auto-swing

All players on Switch can access the new Terraria “Labor of Love” update (version 1.4.4) on Switch now.

Terraria "Labor of Love" update out now on Switch, patch notes

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