New RME Audio Interface

RME has introduced the Digiface AES which they describe as a professional, bus powered 14 input and 16 output channel USB 2.0 interface with 2 Mic/Line universal analog input channels and 4 analog output channels (2 XLR, one TRS phones) complementing its digital I/O section.

A spokesperson told us, "With an excellent set of digital connectivity, SteadyClock FS, full stand-alone operation and built-in parametric EQ, the Digiface AES shines as the perfect all-in-one solution for recording and playback of digital and analog sources, as well as flexible playback/monitoring via TotalMix FX." RTU IO Commnication

New RME Audio Interface

Pricing and Availability: See local distributor.

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New RME Audio Interface

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