The camera partially shows the teenager's room.

A 16-year-old boy has posted a photo of his room on social media where it is going viral. The reason is not because the room is tidy or has something unique in it, but there is a CCTV camera installed near the ceiling. The teenager has shared the photo on Reddit for others who think they have no privacy. When users asked what his fault was, the boy said the camera is actually a punishment imposed by his father for playing video game late at night. CCTV Camera System

Teen Caught Playing Video Game At Night, Father Installs CCTV Camera In His Room

The photo, shared on sub-Reddit r/IndianTeenagers, has been captioned, "To teens who think they have no privacy, I have a cctv camera installed in me and my brother's room."

Explaining the reason, the teenager said, "More than a year ago I was caught playing on my bro's ps4 late at night in another room after 3 hours of studying. After that he was convinced I play all nights long."

The boy said his father caught him playing video game again on his birthday and "put this up two days after my birthday". 

The boy claimed he is among the top 10 students and always gets above 90%. "So me playing st nights is no big deal."

The father's left users of social media platform fuming. They said the action taken by the man is too harsh.

"For real?" asked one user. "People like these shouldn't deserve children," said another.

"That's nice," a third user commented.

Some of the Reddit users asked him to break the camera and even offered some innovative solutions.

Teen Caught Playing Video Game At Night, Father Installs CCTV Camera In His Room

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