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Defeat the Village Chief in the Slaughterhouse during Chapter 6

Resident Evil 4’s sixth chapter closes out with a boss fight against the Village Chief who has been harassing you through most of your time in the game. Remote Digital Dro Readout Scale

Resident Evil 4 remake Village Chief Mendez boss fight guide - Polygon

Our Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 6 Mendez boss fight guide will help you defeat Village Chief Mendez in the Slaughterhouse.

When you head into the Slaughterhouse, Village Chief Mendez will make an explosive entrance. After the cutscene, the Village Chief will reveal his true form.

For the first phase of the fight, focus on his head. Stay on the ground floor, and run around him as much as you can. If you’re quick, use the evade prompts to leave him open for extra shots. The Riot Gun works great here. There are also several crates around, so watch for gunpowder and resources (L).

After enough headshots, Mendez will reveal his second mutation.

The second phase is a lot less personal. Mendez will retreat to the other end of the building and throw stuff at you for most of it. Grab the flash grenade, kitchen knife, green herb, and handgun ammo from around the upper walkway.

Watch for Mendez to grab explosive barrels. When he does, shoot them with your handgun or rifle to deal a bunch of damage. When he grabs the flaming boards, he’s going to throw two of them at you like spears. Run across the catwalk when that happens to avoid them.

Eventually, Mendez will swing in close with a rushing attack. Try to get to the other side of the walkway when you see him coming. Switch back to your shotgun or handgun and deal some damage. Flash grenades also work well in this phase. You’ll have to knock him down and stab him (at least) two times to finish the fight. All told, though, with the Red9 and Riot Gun, it’s a pretty fast battle.

When he falls, grab Mendez’s False Eye from his corpse (worth 12,000 pesetas), and do a quick sweep for any items you missed. Yes, the building is on fire, but it will wait for you to finish before it collapses.

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Resident Evil 4 remake Village Chief Mendez boss fight guide - Polygon

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