How to make your own balloon garland at home for under $50

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You don't need to be a social media influencer to have a balloon garland in your home. You can have all of four followers on Instagram and be able to pull off a balloon garland for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, bridal, or baby shower. Happy Birthday Balloon

How to make your own balloon garland at home for under $50

Back when I worked at an ice skating rink as a party hostess, balloon arches were all the rage. Now people have made balloon garlands the thing. Some places will charge up to $400 to make you a garland. You can make one from home for as little as $5. That will be the most basic garland, while other kits will cost up to $25 for the balloons and supplies.

If you're planning to make a garland with between 20 to 100 balloons, you'll want to get an electric pump to blow them up for you. Note that balloon garlands are not supposed to be made with helium.

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Now, when ordering those kits, you'll want to double-check to make sure that they actually come with strips and ties. Otherwise, you'll have 100 balloons to put nowhere. If you don't have anywhere to comfortably hang a garland, you can also get an arch (that's reusable).

Don't try blowing up 15 to 100 balloons by mouth. You technically can. But you'd want a doctor nearby for when you pass out. Make it easy on yourself by getting a machine to do the work for you, which will also cut down on your time exponentially.

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How to make your own balloon garland at home for under $50

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