Kettlebell exercises work on the muscles in a slightly different way than dumbbells or barbells.

Some benefits provided by these exercises include increased strength, improved explosive movement, enhanced power in lower body, and more. Kettlebell is a versatile piece of equipment that can improve overall fitness and is low-impact on the joints. Plate Loaded Pulley Machine

5 Effective Kettlebell Exercises You Might Have Overlooked

In this article, we have curated a list of five best and effective kettlebell exercises you may have not included in your workout routine:

It can engage the hamstring, butt, and quadriceps. This exercise can help you get toned thighs, greater core stability, and strengthened glute muscles.

How to do goblet squats?

It engages the quadriceps and glutes. The unilateral aspect of the exercise can help in development of balanced strength and muscle mass on both sides.

How to do reverse lunges?

It works the lower back, legs, and butt. This exercise can also help burn a high number of calories while facilitating toning of the body.

How to do kettlebell swings?

It engages the core muscles, chest muscles, and shoulders. This exercise can also help build strength in the upper body and tone the arms.

How to do kettlebell halo?

This kettlebell exercise engages the back and biceps. It can also help in toning the biceps along with building back strength by engaging the rhomboids.

How to do bent-over rows?

The aforementioned kettlebell exercises are among the best and effective ones to incorporate in your workout routine.

These kettlebell exercises are extremely versatile, as they work on multiple muscle groups simultaneously. They also facilitate in fat loss by burning calories and building overall strength.

5 Effective Kettlebell Exercises You Might Have Overlooked

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