The average household septic system should be inspected at least every three years by a service professional.

During an appearance this week on WOMT’s “Welcome Home” program with host Lindsay Krause the guest was Sue Schambureck from Madson Tiling & Excavating and her message focused on spring maintenance. Concrete Manhole Cover

Spring Maintenance For Septic Systems | Seehafer News

She said, “If you have a septic system one of the best things you can do is just walk around your yard and take a look for damage that might be caused by the frost because it heaves things when it comes out.  Or, if trees or branches fall in your septic system tank you want to inspect for cracks, breaks, chips, those sorts of things.”

Schamburek, who is a Master Plumber and Designer of Engineering Systems for Madson, advised that if you have had a septic system installed since 2000 you probably have valve boxes.

“Make sure the covers are on and they’re tight, not cracked or settled in or sticking way out because they should be reset,” she explained. “Check your manhole covers for cracks and make sure they’re watertight and the locks and chains are on them.  Look in your yard for holes to see if animals have been digging in it or if anything has fallen in it.”

She also said if you have 30% solids you should have that tank pumped.

For service or questions, call Madson Tiling & Excavating at 920-758-2784.

Spring Maintenance For Septic Systems | Seehafer News

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