By India Today Web Desk: Air conditioners are a necessity of modern-day life. Air conditioning is used in both domestic and commercial environments. It improves the comfort of the person present in the cool air-conditioned environment. however, air conditioning is also used to cool and dehumidify rooms filled with heat-producing electronic devices, such as computer servers, power amplifiers, and to display and store some delicate products.

Air conditioners use the principle of refrigeration to transfer the warm air inside the room, throw it outside and displace it with the cool air from outside. The Inverter AC is the new technology basically promoted and used as more efficient and energy-saving. The technology of the inverters not only makes cooling more efficient, but it also makes the AC's life longer. Check below all the things you may want to know about the Inverter AC. Sanyo Inverter Compressor

What is Inverter AC and how it is different from non-inverter AC: Check details here - India Today

The Inverter AC has nothing to do with a home inverter, it operates on the inverter technology. An Inverter AC has more control over the compressor rather than the principle of cooling itself. Inverter technology is an advanced technology capable of saving of electricity compared to an ordinary air conditioner.

The power consumption is highest at the moment the compressor of the AC is turned on. In the Inverter AC, the compressor runs all the time and never stops. The compressor does not turn on and off repeatedly, so it does not require additional power. It supplies the power accordingly when the compressor needs it. More or less power, it gives accordingly the power.

Normal inverter compressors always operate at the same speed, whereas, inverter compressors changes speed when the demand fluctuates. It regulates the flow of refrigerant throughout the refrigeration cycle.

An inverter air conditioner can regulate the speed of its compressor motor. Once the room is cool, inverter air conditioners lower the speed of the motor to save the energy and refrigerant used to cool the air.

In comparison, the non-inverter air conditioner only runs at full speed or stop. The compressor runs at full speed but turns off once room temperature drops to the desired level.

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What is Inverter AC and how it is different from non-inverter AC: Check details here - India Today

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