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Reolink's 4K Solar Camera series enhance smart home security | Digital Trends

For a while now, it seems like smart home security cameras haven’t been utilizing the most of our modern advancements. For example, so many cameras are only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi networks, the lower band. Moreover, many cameras aren’t wireless, and when they are, the battery isn’t all that great, so they have to be charged often. Reolink, a world-leading and professionally high-tech company, understands these setbacks and is committed to bringing innovation to everyone through the exploration of new smart home security technologies and best-in-class solutions. They’re doing this with the launch of their new 4K Solar Camera series, a lineup of excellent and smart home-friendly cameras with innovative features incorporated.

Consider the Argus PT Ultra, which offers two options for a better and more seamless connection. First, it works with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks for improved connectivity, but it is wire-free to add an incredible degree of flexibility. Included with the camera is a non-removable, rechargeable 21.6-watt-hour battery — it lasts anywhere between one to four weeks per charge, depending on usage. And if you want a more sustainable option, you can pair it with the Reolink 6-watt solar panel to charge the camera – and power it – via renewable energy, with no added electricity bills. Here’s the real kicker. It’s a smart camera with 4K and 8-megapixel resolution support, pan and tilt functionality, and spotlights. It has person, vehicle, and animal detection onboard, too, so it will send alerts if anyone is moving around your property. It’s impressive, to say the least, and ups the ante on smart home security, but that’s true of the entire 4K Solar camera series. Let’s take a closer look at the entire lineup.

Even with 8K technologies making the rounds, 4K security cameras are not the norm. So many are still offering 720P or 1080P standard HD feeds. That’s not the case with the 4K Solar Camera series, including the Argus PT Ultra, Argus 3 Ultra, Argus Eco Ultra, and Go PT Ultra from the 4G Go series. Your video is available in 4K Ultra HD. Meanwhile, any still images you capture with the camera are 8 megapixel-quality. That means a clearer picture and a much better view of what’s happening, regardless of what the camera is pointing at. You can also watch a live feed or playback content from the mobile app.

The pan and tilt support means you can maneuver the camera at any time to get a better view. It pans up to 350 degrees and tilts up to 140 degrees on top of its already wide-angle lens. Infrared LEDs and spotlights ensure you can see in the dark and in low-light conditions, like when it’s stormy out. Of course, you won’t be watching the camera at all hours of the day and night, so it’s the smart features and alerts that really make the difference.

Adding another layer of innovation, the 4G Go PT Ultra supports 3G and 4G LTE mobile networks for a wireless connection, perfect for remote areas where WiFi or WLAN access is a challenge. You still get an ultra-HD 4K-quality resolution even on mobile networks, with color night vision and expansive smart detection – person, vehicle, and animal. It’s a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use, too.

If you’re curious what the new smart cameras and models are, here’s a quick list:

The 4K Solar Camera series offers person, vehicle, and animal detection, with real-time accurate alerts, as well. All of these settings and features are available without a subscription, so there’s no additional cost. Recordings are saved to a micro SD locally, with support for cards up to 128GB in size. There are no cloud subscriptions to worry about, and you can playback recordings at any time via mobile, as long as there’s an SD card in the camera.

If you need to speak to someone on the other side of the feed, like a stranger in your yard or on your property, two-way audio makes that happen. A built-in microphone and speaker mean the camera can record and pick up audio, as well as produce audio when you’re talking. You can access it all through the mobile app, too, with options to engage the siren or spotlights — they can be auto-triggered. It works with both Google Assistant and Alexa to give you hands-free control options. So, if you’re busy cooking or have your hands full, you can always tell Google Assistant to show you the backyard security feed on a connected TV.

Although sold separately, you can connect the Argus PT Ultra and the other 4K Solar cameras in the series to solar panels for even better cost savings and to keep it powered up. The panel will recharge the battery during the day. With the Reolink 6-watt solar panel, for example, the panel will recharge the camera’s battery during the day. Not only does that open up the possibility of a better and more sustainable future, but it also reduces your power consumption and, by proxy, your power bill.

Right away, you can see that Reolink’s 4K Solar cameras, like the Argus PT Ultra, remove a lot of the limitations found in comparable security solutions. They’re wire-free, with a substantial battery, and you can hook them up to a solar panel. But they also provide 4K Ultra HD video, live or recorded, with 8MP still photos and compatibility with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks. The upgrades are certainly welcome and will change how smart home security operates going forward. Competitors will have to upgrade their tech if they want to keep pace with Reolink.

While many of the cameras are on sale, and we recommend checking those out to see which you prefer, it’s worth noting that for a limited time, you can grab Reolink’s 4K Solar Camera series for up to 8% by using the discount code DTrends8%OFF at checkout. Yes, it’s stackable with any other deals that are available. It doesn’t get any better than that, folks.

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Sometimes the area where you want to place a camera is nowhere near an outlet or maybe there's no way to hide the wires. Cable management is a big thing for aesthetics and seeing your power, network, and AV cables everywhere can make your home look messy. Luckily, there are plenty of wireless devices — even when it comes to home security cameras.

Here are our picks for the best wireless outdoor home security cameras on the market today. These models will blend into your home's design or keep them hidden from view. Of course, being wireless comes with its own pros and cons, which we will cover with each camera. Let's jump into the list.

Security cameras are one of the best ways to increase home security. Of course, nearly with any camera, you'll want it to have the highest resolution possible. Today, that resolution has plateaued at 4K quality — which provides a lot of detail.

A security camera with 4K reduces the need to zoom digitally because of its improved quality and resolution, making it easier to identify objects. Many brands are starting to incorporate 4K quality lenses into their cameras. As expected, NVR and DVR cameras are upgrading quicker than smart cameras, likely due to fewer materials to update, as well as pricing.

Reolink's 4K Solar Camera series enhance smart home security | Digital Trends

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