Hostanox® P-EPQ® powder

Chemical nature:         Phosphorous trichloride, reaction products with 1,1'-biphenyl and 2,4-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)phenol

Classification:               Process stabilizer for plastics Para-Tert-Octylphenol (CAS:98-54-4)

Hostanox® P-EPQ® powder

Delivery Specifications and (*) General Properties  

Hostanox P-EPQ powder is recommended especially for the applications where polymers and/or binders are cured at elevated temperature and need thermo-stabilization, e.g. powder coatings, coil coatings and specific solventborne coatings (automotive for ex.).

Hostanox P-EPQ powder is suitable for most kinds of thermoplastic polymers. It is recommended especially for the stabilization of polyolefins (LLDPE, HDPE, PP), ABS, PS, polybutylene, PBT, PC, PA, thermoplastic polyester, nitrile barrier resins, etc.

Hostanox® P-EPQ® powder

CAS No.140-66-9 ,PTOP Delivery form Powder The product is also available in other physical forms. Packaging Cardboard box 200 kg with 20 PE bags of 10 kg Cardboard box 400 kg with 20 Alu bags of 20 kg Cardboard box 480 kg with 24 PE bags of 20 kg Storage The product should be stored dry and at room temperatures and processed immediately after opening the packaging. Minimum shelf life is two years from date of shipping when properly stored in the original sealed packaging.